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Too Important to Fail:  Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits, Toni Pergolin, CEO, Bancroft
“Marie’s coaching and mentoring both before and during my book project is what brought me to the place I am today.   I wouldn’t have gotten to the finish line without Marie’s constant encouragement!  She has a great knack for pulling things together!!”  -Toni Pergolin, CEO Bancroft

Finding the Right Job:  A Step-by-Step Approach, Mary Anne Kennedy, MAK HR Consulting
“Marie Galastro, Principal of MLG & Associates, rallied her team of experts in her custom publishing world to take a dream of mine and my granddaughter to publish a children’s book called “Where’s Your Foot?”  Marie is gifted in her ability to creatively lead her team to  illustrate, design/layout and bring the characters and words to life.  Her genuine honesty and integrity lets authors feel secure knowing that she feels the pride and joy we have for our stories as if it were her own. This is my 2nd opportunity to work with Marie and her team. My initial publication is entitled “Finding the Right Job, A Step-by-Step Approach.”  Marie offered me so much of her time to teach me the inner workings of what it takes to get from a seed of an idea to publication.  She is a master in her field!  We are so grateful to have her and her team in our lives.” -Mary Anne Kennedy

Labors of Love, A Doula’s Birth Stories*, Penny Bussell Stansfield
“Marie played a key role in the successful publication of my book.  She was with me every step of the way.  I was able to avail myself of her professional expertise on every aspect down to the smallest detail as my book came to life.  I highly recommend her services.” -Penny Bussell Stansfield, Author
*now in its 3rd reprint

Learn Work Lead: Things Your Mentor Won’t Tell You, Terri Tierney Clark
“As my editor and advisor, Marie guided me with her extensive knowledge of publishing and keen-eyed editing skills. She represented my interests with my publisher (Peterson’s) and always made me feel that we were a team. It was truly a tribute to Marie’s organizational skills and leadership that I was able to write a complete manuscript in five months. I can’t recommend her services enough.”  – Terri Tierney Clark, Author

Universal Play TherapyA Guide for Supporting Young Children’s Development, Christian Bellissimo
“Marie brought what was initially just a rough manuscript written in a café to life through her vast knowledge and experience. Equally important, she shared my passion in creating something that we could both be proud of. I’m excited to be working with her again!” – Christian Bellissimo, MSW, LCSW, RPT, LLC, Child Play Therapist


Tossing Off the Gloves, Paula J. Newcomer
“MLG & Associates produced two books for me, Tossing Off the Gloves, a poetry book, and The Blueberry Girl:  The Story of Elizabeth Coleman White,” an historical nonfiction children’s book.  Marie’s Associate, Bruce Arant, created the cover for my poetry book, and also illustrated my Blueberry Girl book; I get so many compliments on his beautiful artwork – it always helps me sell my books! Marie’s support and guidance throughout both of my writing projects was outstanding.  She showed a sincere interest in my two books, and guided me handily throughout the publishing process for both hard and soft cover versions.  Marie always responded quickly to my queries, generously shared ideas, and helped me find creative solutions to problems as they arose.  Her collaboration was spirited, kind and encouraging.  Anyone able to work with Marie is lucky, for she is a talented and committed individual, whose skills will help to launch your project.  And she knows how to make it fun! I can’t wait to do my next project with her.” – Paula J Newcomer, author of Tossing Off the Gloves and The Blueberry Girl


The Second Life of Judo: When Flesh is Filled with Spirit, Al Rafkind

Lightning Doesn’t Need Permission from the Sky: Original Modern-Day Zen, Al Rafkind

Drop the Monkey Business and Nurture the Body, Al Rafkind
“MLG & Associates will handle all your editing and publishing needs with the utmost care. As a client I can tell you that Marie and her team will go right to the front lines for you and keep you informed every step of the way. It’s no easy task to find someone that provides top notch services combined with a caring and nurturing demeanor. The client’s perspective is always honored first and foremost. MLG & Associates is your answer!”  -Al Rafkind, Author

Spiritual Titles

A Bible Study Guide for Many Faiths, Virginia Fuller
“Marie was very helpful and inspiring in aiding me to write and publish my book, “A BIBLE STUDY GUIDE FOR MANY FAITHS.”  She is truly a patient and caring person.” -Virginia Fuller, Author


Children’s Books

Where’s Your Foot?  Bedtime Pajama Games with Grandma G,  Mary Anne Kennedy & Kennedy Rotondo

Tell Me Three Things That You Did Today,  Maureen and Jerry Dempsey
“It was a joy to work with Marie, Bruce, and their entire team on my book – Tell Me Three Things That You Did Today.  Their support and guidance was excellent and the finished product is a beautiful, quality book that will be cherished by all families who enjoy it with their children.”  – Jerry Dempsey (

Read the Omaha World-Herald Tribune Article here.

Ethan Eats Hot Lunch, Angela L. Glover

View the YouTube video here.

 A Boy’s Dream, Roy James
“Marie inspired me to become someone I never thought I could be.” – Roy James

Big Girl Shower, Marci A. Goldstein

Big Boy Shower, Marci A. Goldstein
“Marie helped make my dream of becoming a published author come true by publishing two of my children’s books.” – Marci A. Goldstein

Historical Fiction: Adult

Ralston Heights, James Betz 
“For those who are new to the publishing business, I strongly recommend that you work with Marie Galastro. Considering her impressive experience in the publishing industry, Marie is an excellent option. Working with her was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! She is professional, punctual, and above all, reliable. For anyone who aspires to become an author, Marie will make your dreams come true!” – James Betz, “Ralston Heights”


Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go to Sleep*, Bruce Arant, Author/Illustrator

Simpson’s Sheep Just Want to Sleep*, Bruce Arant/Author/Illustrator

*Published by Peter Pauper Press, Represented by MLG & Associates,LLC – Agent for Bruce Arant, Author/Illustrator